The insurance company has their own adjuster to represent their interests and settle your claim using all cost saving methods, including estimating programs and vendors who have contractual relationships with them. You should always have someone on your side to make sure the final settlement is fair, to all concerned. At Consumer Advocate Adjusting we are claims experts, with only your interests in mind. We can help with the presentation of the claim and make sure all aspects of your claim are handled correctly.
Our Services
Fire Damage - Wind Damage - Water Damage- Vandalism - Mold
  • Free consultation on your claim
  • Helping you to understand every coverage and benefit applicable under your policy and making sure you are adequately compensated
  • Help you understand your policy limitations and what to expect if negotiations hit an impasse.
  • Detailed Explanation of Insurance Coverages and Department of Insurance Regulations
  • Itemizing and estimating your property damages
  • Providing trustworthy contractor referrals for reconstruction or restoration
  • Offering free evaluations of your current insurance policy coverage and making policy recommendations so you'll be prepared for any future emergency
  • Serving Redding and most of Northern California
Frequently Asked Questions about insurance claims
1. How can Consumer Advocate help you?

You will have the advantage of expert assistance based on extensive experience in property claims handling, with expertise in your personal property claim. We relieve you of the many time-consuming and difficult matters involved in preparing and filing a claim while receiving a prompt and fair settlement. Your inventory can have many items overlooked and undervalued, costing your thousands of dollars.

2. Can I prepare my own claim?

Absolutely, however, at Consumer Advocate Adjusting we have years of experience and training in claims handling and far more experience than the average policyholder. Moreover, our claims experts will assist you in the preparation of inventories, estimates and other factual proofs of loss. We will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. We will also confer, on your behalf, with insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory adjustment.

3. Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?

The typical fire policy contains several provisions and stipulations, various forms and riders that are constantly changing, and numerous complex details about your requirements in case of loss. Most people do not know or understand these policy provisions. In many instances, insured's do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder. Most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced claims professional rather than an inexperienced insured.

4. In the event of a fire or similar destruction of property, does my insurance pay the entire loss?

It depends upon the type and amount of insurance you carry. It also depends on your expertise and that of the insurance companies' adjuster. There has been tremendous turnover at many of the major insurance companies. At Consumer Advocate Adjusting we have over 20 years of property claims handling expierence. Why take a chance on your most valuable asset. Many insurance policies may pay more than the amount shown on the declaration page. A qualified expert working for you can determine everything to which you are entitled.

5. Why should I engage an adjuster to obtain what is rightfully due me?

Insurance companies offer to pay what is due to you as they see it. Many are correct in there first attempt at settlement, many others are overworked or lack years of expierence and training. At Consumer Advocate Adjusting we are your exclusive representatives, for reviewing your structure loss, to preparation of your entire inventory loss, which, when done correctly, can be hundreds if not thousands of separate line item entires, each requiring the age, depreciated amount, replacement cost and where purchased. Many busy professionals do not have time in their schedules to have the time necessary to complete this burdensome task. We are experts in this area, and use industry approved software to speed payment to you. Our Clients have told us without our help, they would have missed thousqnds of dollars on their inventory claim. We have extensive referances from people just like you, living in Redding, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff all the way down to Sacramento. We are a very small company, and do not take on more claims than we can handle. We rarely handle claims south of Chico, and cater to the Chico-Redding Area.

6. Will an adjuster help me receive a more prompt and satisfactory settlement?

At Consumer Advocate we will always obtain a more prompt and satisfactory settlement. We lose no time in complying with the policy requirements to obtain and evaluate the facts and prepare the claim. The alert, knowledgeable and prompt service we render often preserves evidence that may otherwise be overlooked or destroyed. The more thorough and complete your claim is compiled and prepared, the faster we can obtain an equitable and proper adjustment in your best interest.